Steeples & Baptistries


Steeples and cupolas add a traditional element of design to your church, bank, office or shopping center. Our units are created out of fiberglass and coated so you never have to worry about cracking or peeling as with painted surfaces. All architecture units are reviewed and certified by an independent third party engineering firm to withstand wind speeds up to 120 mph.

Increase your steeple or cupola aesthetics by adding any of our optional accessories. A large base added to the bottom of your creation gives height and adds to the visual impact. Spire crosses are designed to be added to the top of steeple, and cupolas and can be ordered with or without lightning protection. Decorative urns, window treatments, and railing add an element of tradition as well as sophistication.

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Steeple Cleaning
Your steeple is the focal point of your church so you need it looking its best. Most churches do not have the ability or the equipment necessary to get to the steeple and properly clean and wax it.

Sutton Christian Supply offers this service to churches. Fiberglass is a high quality finish for steeples. Everything that is continually exposed to the outside elements day in and day out needs some type of maintenance.

We can provide that maintenance. We will wash, wax and buff your steeple. Also inspect all anchoring and connecting bolts and check for leakage.

We can also set up a multi year plan for this maintenance to keep your steeple looking new for years.

If you are re-roofing or have re-roofed your building, the steeple should be removed and roofed under for a water tight roof. Steeple Manufacturers recommend that the roof is water tight under the steeple to prevent leakage into the building. For any steeple maintenance needed whether cleaning or removing and reinstalling please call us for information and pricing.


  Steeple Installation
Our crews are trained to do the complete job. We have over 30 years of installation experience. We can install any size from the smallest steeple to the largest custom units.

We will meet the delivery truck, inspect and unload the units, assemble all pieces and lift onto the building.

We can dismantle an old leaking wood or metal steeple and replace with a new fiberglass steeple. We furnish the crane and all hardware to complete the installation.

Also of major importance is that we carry workers compensation and liability insurance. While Sutton Christian Supply is on the job you can have peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of



We offer only the best for your congregation with our custom baptistries. Our designs allow for customizing such as more room, multiple entry angles, and raised middle seat for added comfort. We also have an option for keeping the minister dry. Our steps are wider and less steep than other baptistries, allowing for added ease in and out of the water.

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